We’re the no-fees marketplace—every slice of the pie is yours

Handshake’s mission is to help unique US-based brands navigate the world of wholesale. That’s why Handshake is completely free to join and use. Each cent goes straight in your pocket!

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With Handshake, you can sell your products wholesale on the ecommerce platform that’s already empowering more than 1,700,000 businesses worldwide.

Why brands are
choosing Handshake

Our marketplace helps to spread the word about your brand, so you can build a loyal retail fanbase and get a continuous flow of orders.

65,000+ retailers are ready to discover your brand

We connect you to independent businesses looking to buy directly from one-of-a-kind creators, just like you.

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One-stop shop for all things wholesale

You manage your Handshake profile and products within the Shopify ecommerce platform you already know and use.

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Our tools, your rules

Control every aspect of your Handshake store, from products to prices to brand reputation. We’re here to complement your sales strategy and make your wholesale experience a booming success!

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Easy as 1-2-3

  • 1.
    Apply to become a Handshake supplier

    Apply by selecting “Add app” and wait to hear back from our team.

  • 2.
    Set up your profile

    Once you’re an approved supplier, you can add your profile details, select the products you’d like to sell wholesale, and manage your shipping settings.

  • 3.
    Publish and start selling!

    Once your profile is live, you’ll instantly become a part of our wholesale marketplace for all retailers to see and visit. Let the selling begin!

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“I’ve been using Handshake for a few months. We work on a lot of different buying platforms. So far, Handshake has been the easiest to navigate! The buying experience is quick, efficient, with many brands to choose from. Highly recommend!”

Brittney Moore – Brand Manager


“I love using Handshake! The seamless integration with Shopify makes keeping track of inventory and products a breeze. No fees also means I can pass my savings on to my customers with bulk discounts!”

Elizabeth Hodges – Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Handshake really free to use?

Sure is! Handshake has zero fees or commissions. As a part of the Shopify family, we believe in making commerce better for everyone. That’s why we focus on building the best wholesale tools for our community, instead of charging them.

Who covers the shipping costs?

Shipping is paid by retailers, unless we’re running a free shipping promotion on the Handshake marketplace. In that case, shipping will be on us!

Once you’ve set up your store, you can either apply a flat shipping rate or add up to three different rates (based on the total amount of the order).

Shipping rates on Handshake are specific to orders you get from Handshake.com, giving you even more control and flexibility!

How are orders handled?

Just like you’re used to handling your B2C orders. Simply filter Handshake orders by the sales channel on Shopify and make sure to fulfill them within the timeframe indicated in your shipping and returns information. And that’s it!

Can I still join if I don’t have a Shopify store?

Of course! Just head to Shopify.com, enter your email address, and start your free trial. Install the Handshake app once your store is active. Find out if you’re eligible by checking out the rest of our FAQ.